The mission of the Light Lock Glue Company (LLGCo) is to unleash the huge untapped potential associated with the apparent oxymoron of combining photocure with instant cure in a unique class of new-to-world proprietary products.

If already instant curing, why anything else?

We are experts in cyanoacrylate (CA) technology: processes, materials, formulation and packaging. To date CAs are stereotyped as strong instant adhesives used exclusively between the closely mating parts of most any type of material. The status quo dictates that these are for ‘bonding’ and although highly versatile, are: not for use in bulk or gaps, not for use atop one substrate only, and not for use in other than tiny amounts – ‘drop by drop’ - to avoid excess sticky messes. Furthermore, vouchsafed conventional thinking suggests that more than 90% of CA formulation should be based on one single monomer (Ethyl CA or ‘ECA’) irrespective of its limitations.

In LLGCo we see it differently

Access to novel synthesis and stabilisation techniques unties mass production of user-friendly Methoxyethyl CA (MECA) that is odorless and safe to use and creates new application possibilities, especially when combined with additional cure systems, such as photocure.
Why photocure? ……..CA cures are not air inhibited and photocure perfectly dry-to-touch, a facet never exploited before in coating technology for example, because CAs were never considered appropriate for application atop one substrate only. But that is only one advantage, so-called ‘shadow cure’ is another – these materials function as normal instant adhesives between (opaque) parts and allow dry cure outside bondlines by photocure-on-demand. Still further, photocure-on-demand opens up applications in edge sealing and joint reinforcement, and deep bulk cure – again never contemplated as attributes associated with CAs.
Why? …because conventional wisdom has been blinkered by the limitations of one lachrymatory monomer like ECA ‘that must only be used in drops confined between tight-fit parts as an instant adhesive only’.
At LLGCo – we have the world’s first photocuring odorless MECA based formulations and products, and, the photocure is effected rapidly by safe low intensity, visible blue-violet light. Yes, products, not simply efficient instant adhesives and adhesives with shadow cure but also, formulations for coatings and varnishes (even on nails), photo-reinforcing agents, light curing fillers, edge sealants, reconstruction materials and 2&3D printing materials. They do not stain, are non-irritant and non-lachrymatory. Still further they are shelf-stable at normal ambient temperature.
The LLGCo has a strong foundation based on many years of experience in product innovation, technology and commercial development, package design and manufacturing. Our unique base technology is patent pending and is the platform for several in-pipeline developments, some ready and others pending launch. We are already partnering with selected clients.
There are many application areas to exploit with this technology that require the experience of experts in other fields particularly coating, sealing and printing and we welcome inquires to grow new business together within very flexible business models.
If you believe, as we do, that the status quo in visible light cure and CA applications stops here and that opportunities abound, then we will be very enthusiastic to work with you.