Not only a very fast adhesive, a great glue and repair experience. Bonds and Repairs at the speed of light on command!
Its double bond mecanism comnbining a premium quality high performance glue and a blazingly fast light curing technology makes Lightlock glue a new and revolutionary adhesive category, a worldwide innovation.
  • Dual cure system: instant and photocure.
  • High photosensitivity to visible and UV light.
  • Room temperature storeage stability.
  • Dry to touch, "tack free" surface cure.
  • Cure-on-demand of excess material exuded from bondlines.
  • Bonds and fill gaps.
  • Can be used as a coating.
  • Odourless non-staining.
  • Non-irritant, "Label free".
  • Available in different viscosities: low (LV) and medium (MV).
World first

The first odourless ligth curing cyanoacrylate. A unique product in the market

The propietary formulation exploits a novel pohotoinitiator system that is highly sensitive to visible and UV light.

Light lock glue additionaly functions as an odourless instant.